Apartment Kintamani: A Luxurious Living Experience



Start from USD 245.000

2 Bed Room and 2 Bathroom

180 m2


Welcome to the epitome of luxury living—Apartment Kintamani! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricate details of these exquisite apartments, promising not just a home but a lifestyle.

Land Size and Lease Terms

Uncover the foundation of your dream living space with a substantial land size of 400m2. The lease terms extend to 30 years, with the option to extend for an additional 20 years, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

Apartment Configurations and Pricing

3.1 Apartment A – Lower Elevation

Discover the allure of Apartment A, nestled at the lower elevation, offering 180m2 of pure opulence at a competitive price of 245,000 USD.

3.2 Apartment B – Middle Elevation

Elevate your living experience with Apartment B, strategically positioned at the middle elevation. This 180m2 haven is yours for 255,000 USD.

3.3 Apartment C – Top Elevation

Crowning the residence is Apartment C, perched at the top elevation, boasting 180m2 of sophistication for 265,000 USD.

Bedroom and Bathroom Features

Each apartment boasts 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, providing the perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

Living Room and Kitchen Amenities

Experience the joy of a well-designed living room and kitchen, complete with drawers and a kitchen island, ensuring a seamless blend of style and practicality.

Security and Property Features

Rest easy with dedicated security, as each apartment is part of a gated property, ensuring the safety and tranquility of your living space.

Interior Design Details

7.1 Tile and Ceiling Specifications

Indulge in the luxury of 100×100 cm bright grey marble tiles and Ulin wood ceilings, creating an aesthetic masterpiece.

7.2 Interior Wall Finishing

Experience the natural finish of bright micro cement on interior walls, adorned with handles and fixtures from the renowned Dekkson brand.

7.3 Handles, Fixtures, and Tapware

Immerse yourself in luxury with Toto tapware and basins, complemented by mirrors and bathroom drawers for added convenience.

7.4 Bathroom Inclusions

Enjoy the finer details, from Architech matching series sockets and switches to high-quality MEP piping, cabling, and filters.

7.5 Lighting and Landscaping

Bask in the ambiance of Kelvin 2600 and 2500 lighting, with LED lights along floor edges, in-ground areas, and parking. Landscaping is a delightful inclusion.

Apartment Infrastructure

8.1 Piping, Cabling, and MEP

Experience top-notch infrastructure with MEP utilizing higher quality piping, cabling, and included pumps and filters.

8.2 Pumps and Filters

Benefit from the Chem-Calc-Softener Filter, ensuring the purity of your water supply.

8.3 LED Lighting Features

Marvel at the modern touch of LED lighting, strategically placed for functionality and aesthetics.

Ground Floor Facilities

9.1 Sauna Facilities

Indulge in the luxury of three saunas, each belonging to an individual apartment.

9.2 Showers and Ice Bath

Pamper yourself with three showers and shared facilities like an ice bath.

9.3 Hot Tub and Toilet

Relax in the hot tub, conveniently situated near a toilet for added comfort.

9.4 Storage and MEP Room

Each apartment enjoys its storage space, and the ground floor features MEP rooms for added convenience.

Individual Apartment Amenities

Every apartment comes equipped with Daikin AC units, ensuring climate control. Soft-toned textiles, curtains, and sofas provide the finishing touches to your personal oasis.


Apartment Kintamani isn’t just a residence; it’s a statement. Elevate your living standards with unmatched luxury, thoughtful design, and top-tier amenities. Your dream lifestyle awaits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: What makes Apartment Kintamani stand out?

    A: The combination of luxurious features, thoughtful design, and a prime location sets Apartment Kintamani apart.
  2. Q: Can I extend the lease beyond 30 years?

    A: Yes, the lease is extendable for an additional 20 years, offering long-term security.
  3. Q: Are the ground floor facilities shared among residents?

    A: While saunas and showers are individual, the hot tub and ice bath are shared for a communal experience.
  4. Q: What is the brand of the included air conditioning units?

    A: Daikin AC units are included in each apartment for optimal climate control.
  5. Q: Is the interior design customizable?

    A: While the apartments come with a premium design, customization options may be available based on individual preferences.

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