Unlock Your Paradise: Land for Sale in Klating Beach, Tabanan



IDR 500.000.000 / are

3 are

Klating, Tabanan

A. Seaside Bliss

Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of the waves and the gentle rustle of palm trees. This dream can become a reality with a unique piece of land for sale in the picturesque area of Pantai Klating, Tabanan.

B. A Slice of Tabanan’s Charm

As we explore this property, we’ll unveil not just its physical attributes but the promise it holds for a lifestyle that harmonizes with nature and tranquility.

II. Property Details

A. Expansive Beauty

Spanning 300 square meters (3 are), this property is a canvas for your dreams. Whether you envision a tropical villa, a cozy beachside retreat, or a smart investment, the possibilities are boundless.

B. Secure Ownership

The land comes with a coveted “sertifikat hak milik,” ensuring a secure and legally binding ownership status. This certificate is a testament to the authenticity and legitimacy of the property.

C. Tourist Haven

Situated in a designated tourist zone, the land presents an opportunity for those seeking to capitalize on the thriving tourism industry in the region.

III. Sale and Rental Options

A. Owning Your Oasis

For those dreaming of permanent paradise, the land is available for purchase at an attractive rate of 500 million IDR per are. A wise investment for a freehold property in this sought-after location.

B. Long-Term Serenity

If commitment isn’t on your immediate horizon, explore the option of long-term rental. This flexibility allows you to enjoy the beauty of Klating without a long-term commitment.

IV. Proximity to Klating Beach

A. Beachside Living

A mere 2-minute drive to Klating Beach opens a gateway to daily beach strolls and breathtaking sunsets. The property’s strategic location ensures you’re always within reach of the ocean’s embrace.

B. Convenient Access

Positioned at a pivotal bend in the road to the beach, the land offers not just proximity but also easy accessibility with an 8-meter road—a thoughtful touch for your convenience.

V. Land Position and Features

A. Strategic Brilliance

The land’s placement at the road bend not only enhances its visibility but also provides a unique architectural advantage. Your future property can be a standout masterpiece in this prime location.

B. Wide Open Roads

With an 8-meter road access, commuting becomes a breeze. The wider road adds to the property’s allure and ensures smooth access for residents and visitors alike.

VI. Exploring Klating Area

A. Beyond the Beach

While the beach is a jewel, Klating has more to offer. Explore local attractions and amenities that complement your potential new home or investment.

B. Investment Insight

Investing in Klating goes beyond the property; it’s an investment in a lifestyle. Discover the growth potential and why this area is becoming a hotspot for investors.

VII. Why Choose Freehold

A. Permanence and Control

Freehold ownership not only provides security but also a sense of permanence and control. Understand the advantages that freehold brings to this unique property.

VIII. Buyer Considerations

A. Informed Decision-Making

Before diving into ownership, consider essential factors. We provide a checklist to ensure your decision is well-informed and aligned with your goals.

B. Value Beyond Ownership

Explore the property’s potential not just as a home but as a valuable asset. Uncover the unique qualities that make this land a wise investment.

IX. Long-Term Benefits

A. Appreciation Awaits

Real estate often appreciates over time. Delve into the growth potential and long-term benefits associated with this slice of Klating paradise.

B. Future-Proof Investment

Consider the trajectory of development in Klating. How does the property align with future prospects, and what does that mean for your investment?

X. Testimonials

A. Voices of Satisfaction

Let the experiences of others guide you. Positive testimonials add credibility and assurance to the potential buyer or renter.

XI. Conclusion

A. Your Gateway to Bliss

In conclusion, this property in Pantai Klating, Tabanan, is not just land—it’s an invitation to a lifestyle. From strategic positioning to investment potential, every aspect contributes to its allure.

B. Let’s Talk

For those enticed by the possibilities, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your dream property or investment may be just a conversation away.


  1. Negotiation Possibilities?

    • While the listed price is competitive, there’s room for negotiation. Let’s discuss further.
  2. Terms of Long-Term Rental?

    • Terms can be tailored to your needs. Let’s customize an arrangement that suits you.
  3. Development Restrictions?

    • The property is within a tourist zone, allowing various developments. Complying with local regulations is essential.
  4. Visit Before Decision?

    • Absolutely! Schedule a visit to experience the land and surroundings firsthand.
  5. Financing Options?

    • We can discuss financing options based on your preferences and circumstances.

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