Unlocking the Best Deals: Leasehold Land in Main Canggu, Batu Bolong



IDR 30.000.000

per year and per are

10 are

Batu Bolong, Canggu

If you’re in search of prime leasehold land in the heart of Main Canggu, specifically along Batu Bolong streets, your opportunity has arrived. Offering a generous 10 are, this piece of land comes with an unbeatable price of 30 million IDR per year per are. This exclusive offer is well below the standard market rates, typically ranging from 40 to 50 million IDR per are per year.

A Strategic Location

Situated amidst a thriving community of villas and an array of restaurants—ranging from local to Western, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisines—this land promises not just a space but a lifestyle. Just a 5-minute drive to both Batu Bolong and Echo Beach, convenience meets comfort at your doorstep.

Affordable Terms for Maximum Value

Opting for a hassle-free experience, the upfront payment is set at 30 million IDR per are for a minimum of 10 are, totaling 300 million IDR. What sets this offer apart is the extended payment term, allowing you to secure this valuable asset with ease.

Calculating the numbers: 30,000,000 IDR x 10 are x 25 years equals 7.5 billion IDR. To initiate the process, a deposit of 30% of the total payment is required. The remaining balance can be settled within 14 days after the deposit is made—a flexible arrangement catering to your convenience.

Why Choose This Land?

Competitive Pricing

With rates significantly lower than the standard market prices, this offer presents an unparalleled opportunity to invest wisely.

Strategic Location

Surrounded by a mix of villas and diverse dining options, the location ensures a vibrant and comfortable lifestyle.

Flexible Payment Terms

The extended payment schedule, coupled with a reasonable deposit, provides financial flexibility for potential buyers.

Seize Your Opportunity

Don’t miss out on the chance to secure prime leasehold land in Main Canggu. Whether you’re looking for a sound investment or a location for your dream project, this offer ticks all the boxes. Act now to unlock the potential of this exceptional opportunity.

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